How to plan the ultimate outdoor kitchen

Planning the ultimate outdoor kitchen has never been easier with Rositano Kitchens and Joinery team on the job. Take the time to read through the guide to ensure you have all your bases covered before we start designing your new luxury entertainment area.
During the initial planning stages, you will need to consider the following:


How much do you want to spend? Are you simply looking for cabinetry with bench space and plumbing or are you looking for an outdoor kitchen complete with keg taps, bar fridge and room for a 6-burner BBQ and outdoor storage? Your budget will play a large role in the type of benchtops, handles or handleless, drawers vs cupboards, colours and finishes.
At Rositano Kitchens, we can cater to the small budget outdoor entertainment areas right through to the jaw-dropping luxury builds.


What do you want your outdoor kitchen to look like? How many people will you be catering to?. Are you likely to want to use in-built seating that provides hidden storage for outdoor furniture cushions and pool toys? Where do you want it situated? Do you need room to incorporate a firepit or large outdoor lounge furniture? Do you prefer cupboards or drawers?

Do you want a full kitchen or just a bar area? The number of people in your family and how many guests you are likely to entertain will play a large role in the demands you have for your outdoor kitchen.


Where do you want your outdoor kitchen located? When you’re thinking about choosing the best spot, think about how it will look from your lounge room window. Is it away from the prying eyes of neighbours? Will it be undercover or in the open? Do you want your outdoor kitchen located closer to our pool area or nearer to the house for easy accessibility? Your kitchen will be more affordable if you keep it close to existing plumbing and electricity. You will also need to think about how to take advantage of the natural sunlight and shade.

If you are going to install a gas BBQ, firepit or wood-fired outdoor pizza oven, you’ll need to keep the kitchen some distance from the house due to the smoke. Although keep in mind, the further your outdoor kitchen is from the house, you’re going to want to have more appliances and utensils available outside such as a fridge, in-built rubbish bins and recycling, storage for crockery and perhaps even a second dishwasher.

Avoid placing your outdoor kitchen too close to your neighbours, otherwise, when you’re making S’more over your firepit, you don’t want next door to get smoked out and complain.


Based on the location of your outdoor kitchen and if it is exposed to the weather will have an effect on the materials used. Cabinet internals can be made from marine ply rather than standard melamine which is used in high moisture areas such as bathrooms, pool changing rooms, commercial bathrooms.


Every good outdoor kitchen needs lighting. You’ll need a good mix of bright lighting so the kitchen area is well-illuminated so you can see what you’re doing while firing up your 6-burner BBQ, to ambient lighting when you’re chilling out after dinner, chatting to friends with a drink in hand. There is a great range of outdoor solar lights from fairy lights to lanterns that can provide ambient lighting.

Council Permits

Do I need a council permit for an outdoor kitchen? Whether you need permits can depend on which state you live in, it pays to check with your local council. 


One of the most important aspects of your outdoor kitchen is your cupboards and drawers. You’ll need to decide on colours, textures and whether you prefer cupboards over drawers, need built-in seating with hidden storage.


If you’re planning to have an open grill barbeque the type of benchtops will be limited to ones that are less flammable. 


Planning ahead is key to keeping your outdoor kitchen cost to a minimum. If you would like to get a custom quote about transforming your outdoor entertainment area, please contact us today.

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