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How to declutter with innovative kitchen storage solutions?

Storage Solutions for Rositano Kitchens in Penrith

When you’re addicted to purchasing small appliances and kitchenware, it can be difficult to declutter when there’s a distinct lack of kitchen storage and everything sits on the bench or in high cupboards you can’t reach. We wouldn’t dare suggest you have a garage sale, because we understand the importance of having pasta makers, water coolers, bread machines, fairy floss and doughnut makers, sandwich presses, electric can openers and a Guinness World Record collection of Tupperware.
And rather than juggling bench space and having cupboards you can’t open without everything falling out, there has to be innovative storage solutions rather than be forced to downsize. That’s where we come in. Forget the modular kit type of kitchens that don’t take into account that you own every small appliance ever invented. What you need is custom kitchen storage, the type can be created based on the needs of your family, designed by cabinet makers who know you want drawers deep enough to store pots and cubbies that allow you to keep your juicer nearby without sitting out on the bench.

Whether you’re building a new kitchen or want a complete kitchen rebuild before you make your final decision on what you want your designer kitchen space to look like, here are some innovative storage solutions you might want to include.

Microwave Cubby Hole


Where you put your microwave matters. Benchtop space is valuable and from a visual perspective, your kitchen takes on a more minimalist and modern look when your microwave is out of sight. If you’re limited for space, under bench storage could be an ideal storage solution. If you have children either learn how to set the child-lock or alternatively, get your microwave in a wall recess right above your wall oven for a streamlined look.

Butler’s Kitchen

innovative kitchen storage solutions

Every entertainer’s dream kitchen comes with a smaller secondary kitchen, usually referred to as a Butler’s kitchen. Bigger than a walk-in pantry and often plumbed for a second sink and/or dishwasher area, the extra storage space is ideal for keeping all your small appliances within arm’s reach and stashing all the dirty dishes out of sight when you’re entertaining. It certainly makes it easier to maintain the ‘we don’t cook in this kitchen’ showroom look all year round.

Walk-in Pantry

innovative kitchen storage solutionsIf you’re limited on space and don’t have the room for a butler’s kitchen, the next best storage solution is a walk-in pantry. We have access to intelligent storage solutions from suppliers like Heittich to maximise space. Whether you prefer vertical storage for cans and the ability to disappear into the pantry with the doors shut so the kids can’t see you snacking on chocolate biscuits before dinner, the walk-in pantry is a must-have. It’s the perfect solution if you like to buy in bulk and have a fixation for labeling storage containers. You’ll be able to have everything within arms reach and free up bench space by having designated shelves for your rice cooker, bread maker and other appliances designed to make your cooking life easier.

Double Kitchen Islands

If the room in your house allows, two kitchen islands are always better than one. Not only does an extra kitchen island give you more storage space, but you can also utilise the handy benchtop for family-style dining. It’s also great as a homework station, you can keep an eye on the kids while you cook, or can still socialise with dinner guests. Choose between wraparound islands, t-intersection, or parallel islands.

Pullout pantries and shelves

Where space is limited vertical pull-out pantries and corner cupboards with pull-out shelves help you maximise on those corner spaces that feature deep recesses. The ability to be able to pull out the shelves so you can see what you’re looking for, rather than having to bend down and rifle around dark recesses.

Hideaway bins

Unsightly bins are easily stowed away under the bench. For sustainable living choose dual bins that allow you to sort your recycling before you even take it outside to your wheelie bin.

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